I am going to Dream

about this room all weekend....

Kelly Wearstler

Stay tuned for some amazing before and after shots !!



It started about 11 years ago...my addiction to necklaces
I love them
I could and do wear one almost everyday
I have a few that I can't take off
Someone once told me they didn't recognize me
I didn't have a necklace on...
That is when I knew I had a problem


I bought one similar to this from
Mollie Storey at Davis-Group a few years back and I never get tired of it

Betteridge Collection 18k Gold Double Circle Link Long Necklace


A friend gave this to me last year and I never take it off....


Happy Wednesday!


Inspiration of the Week


I LOVE the color of the walls and ceiling.....

I LOVE the standing lamps and shades.....

I LOVE the massive ottoman with THE fabric that pulls the room together....

I LOVE the shape of the sofa......



Million Dollar Decorators

What will I do without you???
I look forward to every Tuesday night episode
and now I am going to be back watching the 
Real Housewives of Disaster...

Jeffrey and Ross....

I am going to miss these faces...
Million Dollar Decorators
This is pure comedy...

Kathy You Are My Idol!

Martyn you are delicious...

The way he is constantly saying 
"Luxurious" and "Opulent"
I may need him to come read me a quick 
"decorating" bedtime story to give me inspiration 
every night  
(we both have Wheaten Terriers- he has great taste!)

Nathan- it will all work out...
Nathan Turner Million Dollar Decorators

Mary .....
I am finally decorating my office thanks to you 
if you and Nathan don't work out as BFF's - CALL ME!
I think I will miss you the most....

Until Next Season Million Dollar Decorators
 Happy Weekend!


Part Two: Just a Few of My Favorites

Just a few more lovelies that I saw 
and have been dreaming about ......

These Dorothy Draperesque Chairs...

Yummy Rug That Comes in ANY Size...

Leather chair - LOVE the lines...

Beautiful desk or could double as a dressing table....

Cutest Bracket Ever!!!
(comes in tons of colors)

Did I mention I have had an addiction to demi-lunes this year?

Great coffee table.....

It is hard to tell in the picture- 
but this lamp is the most beautiful color....

Love this outdoor chair....

Red is going to be the new gray....

Velvet Dining Chairs....

Do you need 8 or 10????

And that was just the first day!


Part One: Just a Few of My Favorites

Here are just a few of my favorite pieces that I saw in 

The timing on this bench was perfect...

Would be beautiful in a grouping....

Great color, size and price!

May be my new favorite lantern...

Gorgeous ANYWHERE......

 Two more reasons I need a beach house.....




Cutest Bar Cart EVER

Very fun dining room table - I love that it is square!
(Square may be the new round in dining tables)
comes in any color you can imagine....

 Stay tuned for a few more of my favorite finds from my recent trip......


Inspiration of the Week

Here it is.....

I LOVE the Lavender and Orange palette....

I LOVE the mix of Pieces in the Space: Antique chair, Moroccan tables, Contemporary Chair...

I LOVE the Work on Paper above the Sofa- there is just something about it that works!

Stay tuned for Pictures of my favorite pieces from Atlanta...

Have a Happy Week!!!!


Coming to a Bookcase Near You....

I am back from Market and excited to share some 
My favorite find coming to a bookcase near you!
vintage figures from India that I fell in love with...
so colorful and all have a story I tucked three in my suitcase 
because I couldn't part with them and
 a few are on their way to make homes on some of my clients bookshelves....

Stay Tuned For More 
From Market This Week!


India Hicks: Trendsetter

Mollie Storey from Davis Jewelry 
 (a trendsetter herself) and I are doing another joint post!!
Today our topic

India Hicks: 
Interior Designer, Jewelry Designer, Mother of Four
Trendsetter of Style and all that is FABULOUS....

Daughter of the famed David Hicks and Lady Mountbatten and
 the god-child of Prince Charles.
India has been taking the design community by storm in recent years.  Her casual but elegant interiors are so relevant in the way we live today! 

She is known for her casual but elegant interiors...in her living room above you can see how beautiful antiques are mixed with casual pieces.  You can really live in her spaces - all I want to do is grab her fabulous coffee table book and curl up on the sofa...

I can't get enough of the white painted floors and I adore the birdcage!
Her favorite works of art are hand painted panels that her grandmother had done by Rex Whistler in 1937...
her grandmother opted to have them done on panels instead of on the wall and during World War II they were moved and avoided being destroyed in a bomb attack.

Here India is in a shot in front of the beloved panels that never go out of style...

I love the way she hangs groupings of art in every space...
after successfully taking on the interior design world
she has recently launched a new
fine jewlery line....you can check it out here
Below are pendant medallions that have her new logo...

To learn more about her jewelry head over to
See what Mollie has to say!


I am Kicking Myself

for not getting one of these dresses for my 
daughter at the 
Papo d'Anjo Trunk Show!!!


The Coveteur: Kiernan Shipka, Papo d’Anjo dresses 

I am off to Atlanta to see all the new treasures
at the Gift and Home Furnishings Market....

What Do You Need?
If I See Something You Can't Live Without
I Will Send You a Picture!


Inspiration of the Week

Here it is .....


I LOVE the detail on the bannister....

I LOVE the murano glass chandelier....

I LOVE that the carpet looks like a wave that hit the stairs....



My New Favorite Gift

Some very wonderful friends gave me this for my birthday
my favorite champagne
Veuve Clicquot
in my now favorite packaging

This is Brilliant Marketing

Everything about this bottle is screaming Hermes
Look at the Leather Toggle Strap...

Details Details Details...
Check Out the Inside Zipper with Leather Tassle

It makes me want to host a tailgate at a polo match....
Or buy some fabulous Hermes riding boots
I may have to go on a hunt for the rest of these 
bottles around town to use as props on bookcases....LOVE!



It's Electric

I have a small problem when it comes to the color 
Those of you who have been to my house 
have probably noticed- I LOVE IT!
I have a client that loves these shades of my favorite color
and it is making me giddy trying to find the perfect pieces....


my mouth dropped. i LONG to see places like these!



That thing needs to turn in to a dog and we would be golden