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We are so thrilled to have been named one of Virginia's Best Interior Design Firms by 
Virginia Living's readers for (almost) the third year in a row!!!!!

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To Market To Market

We are in High Point, NC for the next few days to see the interior design world's newest additions.  Stay tuned to see some of our favorite new pieces!


Don't forget to watch our episode of Fix it and Finish it today - we help Antonio transform a garage into an amazing gym!


Fix it and Finish it Dream Bedroom

Stay tuned to see how we take a sad, lonely bedroom and turn it into a beautiful dream bedroom Today!

and a HUGE Thank you to Andrew Roby's Team for helping us bring our Dream Bedroom to life!



Mashallah was one of the words I remember hearing as a child when we lived in Izmir, Turkey.  Mashallah literally means "in God's will".  It is also used to praise, express joy and gratefulness towards a person or happening.  The word is also used to offer respect and some say it as a protection against "the evil eye".  Say it out loud MASHALLAH - isn't amazing to say?

My mother spent a lot of time shopping in the markets in and around Izmir, Turkey when we lived there for several years when I was a child.  Many of the things I am attracted to have a middle eastern feel to them and most of my accessories in my own home are from our time in Izmir.

Here are a few of my favorites…...

Brass canisters that Turks used as lunch boxes


White Porcelain Figurines that I could stare at for hours…..
I can almost hear the swoosh of the dancing Dervish's skirt.

Worry beads look great on top of stacked books....



Maybe this should be the first pattern of our fabric line!


Footed Brass firewood holder …..

That I like to use for magazines!

This painted wooden figure was always apart of the family when playing with dolls as a child.  Check out his worry beads….

Mashallah is the perfect word to describe how we feel about all 
the amazing happenings we have surrounding us.

Have a Fabulous Week!


Fix it and Finish it: The Charlotte Episodes

Stay tuned for our upcoming Charlotte, NC episodes of  Fix it and Finish it  
starting 4/15/15
see behind the scenes pictures of the cast and crew, pictures of our design process from start to finish and Antonio Sabato Jr.!



Invaluable: The Grateful Dead Jubilee

 Tomorrow Invaluable will be holding one of the largest private collections of Grateful Dead memorabilia ever assembled. There are more than 700 lots of rare Grateful Dead memorabilia contributed by former employees and friends of the band up for auction.

Here are a few of our favorites….

 A 1956 Chevy Bel Air owned by The Greatful Dead

Mickey Hart's handwritten lyrics to "Fire on the Mountain" 

An original oil painting by the famed rock album artist Stanley Mouse….

The only 1978 Grateful Dead in Egypt concert ticket known to exist


 The original artwork of Stanley Mouse's for the 1966 Golden Road to Unlimited Devotion Greatful Dead Fan Club Poster….

A collection unused of venue tickets …..



We Interrupt Our Regularly Scheduled Programming

with a few inspirations…..we are taking a couple of days off to give our bodies a rest and our minds a break from the noise so we can get back on the path.




See you in a few days…we will be back with a BANG!




Shhhh...Don't tell Anyone…..

Shhhhh….don't tell anyone but I do not have Easter decorations.  I know.  It's bad.  I should have boxes of chachki's for each and every holiday.   I am thinking a better idea would be to have artwork that represents that particular holiday.  The perfect rationalization to buy more art.  

So for Easter here are a few ideas that could work as your holiday decor….

Emily Green's watercolors  make your walls say Happy Easter 



Ray Kass works on paper are even more beautiful in person….


and the most gorgeous bunny you have ever seen from Sears-Peyton Gallery